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Sanatana Dharma The Eternal Way of Life (1)
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Sanatana Dharma

What does the term Sanatana Dharma mean?

Sanatana dharma refers to the obligations and customs that all Hindus are required to follow. The virtues of honesty, benevolence, patience, and generosity are included in this list of behaviours. One can achieve moksha, a state of spiritual freedom, Self-knowledge, and enlightenment, by adhering to this discipline. Yoga practise is essential to this process because it enables the yogi to unite with their spiritual side.


Omkara Guruji explains Sanatana Dharma


Sanatana dharma includes the idea of spiritual liberation as a core principle. The term isn’t just used in reference to the Hindu religion; rather, it refers to a set of universal principles that enable us to realise our potential and comprehend the dynamics and order of the cosmos. Sanatana dharma prioritises spiritual experiences over religious matters and advocates the use of yoga as a means of achieving moksha. In fact, it may be argued that yoga provides a realistic and constant way for anybody to incorporate sanatana dharma into their lives. Because it can be applied to people in all contexts and at all times, it is regarded as being more anchored in experience than dogma or ideology. Some believe that the word “sanatana dharma” is more accurate than “Hinduism” because it lacks any sectarian or ideological distinctions. Therefore, some Hindu leaders continue to use term to refer to Hinduism, presenting it as the universal religion.



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